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Services to non profit organization, Aus Sudan Aid, can offer to fulfil its mission of strengthening families and empowering troubled youth.

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These services collectively work to address the needs of troubled youth and families, helping them navigate challenges, build healthy relationships and create a positive future.

Providing information to people with disability about their human rights and identifying instances of discrimination. Assisting people with disability to uphold their rights by speaking with and writing to people and organisations to raise awareness of problems and seek solutions.

Emergency relief network helps people deal with their immediate financial crisis situation in a way that maintains the dignity of the individual and encourages self-reliance.

Children of addicted parents can feel intense loneliness and isolation as a result of a parent or both parents focusing their energy on continuing their substance use. As a result, children can develop deep depression and it can lead to self-harming behaviours such as cutting or suicide attempts.

When a child or a young person is deprived of food, clothes and other materials, it may reduce their engagement with school, due to being hungry, shamed or just being excluded. This can impact children’s development, educational and eventually employment opportunities.

• Connect troubled youth with positive role models for guidance and support;
• Provide structured mentoring relationships to help youth navigate challenges and make positive life choices.

• Offer workshops on essential life skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making and time management;
• Equip youth with skills necessary for personal development and success.

• Provide accessible and confidential counselling services for youth dealing with emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges;
• Offer a safe space for youth to express themselves and receive professional support.

• Conduct workshops to improve parent-child communication, conflict resolution and understanding;
• Strengthen family bonds and create a supportive home environment.

 • Organize community service projects where youth can contribute positively to their communities;
• Instil a sense of responsibility and civic engagement among youth.

• Offer tutoring, study skills workshops and academic guidance to help youth excel in their studies;
• Encourage educational attainment and set youth on a path to future success.

• Provide engaging and constructive activities like sports, arts, music and vocational training;
• Offer opportunities for youth to discover and develop their talents.

• Facilitate peer support groups where youth can share experiences and challenges in a supportive environment;
• Promote a sense of belonging and understanding among youth.

• Raise awareness about the importance of positive family relationships and the potential consequences of criminal behaviour.
• Advocate for community involvement in creating a safe and nurturing environment.

• Teach conflict resolution skills to youth, helping them address disagreements and challenges without resorting to negative behaviors.

• Implement restorative justice practices that encourage accountability, empathy and understanding among youth;
• Focus on repairing harm caused and fostering personal growth.

Facilitate programs that promote cultural understanding and integration, helping troubled youth connect with their community and heritage, fostering a sense of belonging and identity.

Implement initiatives focused on physical and mental health, providing access to healthcare services, mental health counselling and wellness activities to ensure the overall wellbeing of the youth.

Organize sports and physical activities, including swimming, to promote a healthy lifestyle, teamwork, discipline and self-confidence among the youth.

Arrange trips and outings to expose troubled youth to different cultures, heritage sites and diverse communities, fostering an appreciation for diversity and broadening their horizons.

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