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 Vivina Deng – Empowering Communities Through Experience 

Hello there, I'm Vivina Deng, hailing from the vibrant cultures of North and South Sudan. As the eldest of six siblings, my journey began in Egypt, where I embarked on a path of resilience and determination. From a young age, I embraced the responsibility of contributing to my family's welfare, starting work at just 10 years old. While my formal education was limited during my African years, my thirst for knowledge eventually led me to the shores of Australia in 2003. Upon my arrival, I eagerly dove into the world of education, commencing my studies in Year Nine and ultimately achieving my Year Twelve qualifications. School quickly became a place of empowerment and growth for me. I found my first taste of work experience in a childcare centre during Year Ten, and on weekends, I selflessly volunteered at a new centre in Tasmania. Guiding and nurturing young minds became a passion, and I was determined to make a positive impact. In 2005, Melbourne became my new home. While immersing myself in a diverse community, I simultaneously pursued my studies at the esteemed Melbourne College of Art. The pursuit of knowledge and the joy of helping others achieve their aspirations have always been my driving forces. My personal journey took a significant turn in 2010 when I entered the beautiful institution of marriage and later became a proud mother of three wonderful children. Life's challenges didn't deter me, as I embraced single motherhood in 2012 while continuing to support both my immediate family and my larger community. This journey has fortified my commitment to fostering positive change.


 My vision for a better community and a brighter future led me to establish a non-profit organisation. Drawing from my extensive background in child services, mental health, and education, I’m dedicated to creating a healthier and safer environment for those around me. The pressing issues faced by our young people in terms of education and crime are of paramount concern, and I believe that my experiences can play a pivotal role in steering them towards a more promising path. 

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with individuals grappling with difficult situations and mental health challenges. I actively participated in woman groups to address the contemporary issues faced by our youth. As someone who embodies both North and South Sudanese cultures, I bring a unique and comprehensive perspective to the table. 

My commitment to community development has led me to collaborate with various organisations. I’ve been an integral part of the Sudanese Mothers Coalition of Melbourne, served as a Youth Support Worker at the Horn of Africa Youth Centre in West Footscray, and played a role in the Police Citizen Youth Club in Tasmania. I initiated the Young Survivors Dance group for South Sudanese youth and even engaged in a project with the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts. 

In recognition of my dedication to the arts and community development, I was honoured to be part of the Arts and Creative Development Workshop Program Award in 2007, facilitated by the Victorian College of the Arts Community Cultural Development Unit at the University of Melbourne. 

But beyond my roles and accomplishments, I’m a proud mother of two boys and one girl. Dance and football (soccer) are my heart’s rhythms, and when the call of adventure beckons, I’m out hiking and exploring the beauty of nature. 

As I reflect on my journey, I am driven by the belief that it’s time for individuals like me to step forward and share their experiences, guiding and supporting families and young people in Australia. Through education, collaboration, and a shared determination, we can pave the way for a brighter future and a stronger community. 

Join me in this journey of empowerment, change, and growth as we work together to create a positive impact in the lives of those around us. 

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