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We support project applications from people who have moved from Sudan to Victoria

Helping the young African youth in Victoria deal with mental health, crime and drug and alcohol and abuse

Making Victoria a better place and striving for a safe environment for all the community

AusSudan Aid’s mission is to strengthen families and empower troubled youth through mentorship programs which connect troubled youth with positive role models for guidance and support and also provide structured mentoring relationships to help the youth navigate challenges and make positive life choices.

Welcome to Aus Sudan Aid, Nurturing Futures, Strengthening Bonds

AusSudan Aid, strengthens families and empowers youth with love, patience and awareness.

At Aus Sudan Aid, we believe in the power of transformation. We envision a world where the potential of every young person is realized, where families thrive and where communities are united by a common purpose. Our mission is clear – to bridge the gap between generations, to guide troubled youth toward a brighter path and to empower families to stand strong together.

In a time where the challenges facing our youth seem insurmountable, Aus Sudan Aid rises as a beacon of hope. We are not just an organization, we are a family of advocates, mentors, and change-makers. Our journey is built on compassion, understanding, and the unwavering belief that every individual deserves a chance to succeed, regardless of their circumstances.

Our approach is holistic, addressing the multifaceted needs of youth who find themselves at the crossroads of life’s choices. We stand by them, providing mentorship, guidance and a nurturing environment where they can learn, grow and embrace their potential. By fostering life skills, emotional intelligence and a sense of community, we empower them to overcome challenges, make positive decisions and envision a brighter future.

Our commitment extends beyond the individual. We recognize that strong families are the cornerstone of a resilient society. Through Aus Sudan Aid, we endeavour to mend the bonds between parents and youth, fostering open communication, understanding and unity. We provide a safe space for families to learn together, grow together and face life’s trials with strength, born from solidarity.

Every step we take is guided by the belief that change begins at the community level. Through partnerships, volunteerism and collaboration, we engage with local schools, organizations and authorities to create a support network that nurtures the aspirations of our youth and strengthens the fabric of our community.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of transformation. Aus Sudan Aid is not just a name, it’s a promise, a commitment and a legacy in the making. Together, we can uplift troubled youth, heal families and create a world where potential is not lost but realized, where dreams are not shattered but achieved and where the future is not uncertain but bright with possibilities.

Aus Sudan Aid is proud to be partnering with the following organisations

Aus Sudan Aid. respects and appreciates these organisations and we appreciate the respect they have for us as well when working together in aiding others.

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